Best high limit online casinos in Australia for high rollers

high roller casino australia

If you consider yourself a modern High Rollers in a casino and are trying to find the very resource where you can play high, making high stakes, then you are definitely on the right page!

The information provided in this article will become relevant for those players who are used to playing “high” or as an alternative to resorting to progressive betting systems. In order to reveal the topic as much as possible, we will try to focus our attention in the most detail on the best online casinos for high rollers. Also, the article will reveal all the advantages and obvious disadvantages of gambling resources.

High rollers in the casino. Who is this and what is their purpose?

The original definition of the term “high roller” in a casino sounded like a participant in a high stakes poker tournament. This could continue to this day, but the evolution in the gaming field has affected all segments without exception, and therefore at this stage all those players who definitely see the goal of the game as exceptionally large bets, without strategies and plans, are considered “High Rollers”. That is, in any game, regardless of whether it is virtual or real, high rollers set their maximum rates, because they are rich, independent and very reckless. If you are one of them, then welcome to the game world!

List of online casinos for high rollers

List of online casinos for high rollers

As mentioned above, some time ago high rollers in casinos existed exclusively in reality, that is, they could make their large bets in stationary casinos with real poker tables and very real opponents. Due to the fact that there is an online casino in the world of gambling, big players can enjoy the game without getting up from their favorite chair.

Name of CasinoWelcome bonusCASINO RATING
Bitstarz casino onlineBitstarz casino100% up to 1BTC✪ 98 | 100PlayReview
vavada casinoVavada100% up to €1000✪ 97 | 100PlayReview
fastpayFast Pay100% up to €100✪ 96 | 100PlayReview
pinup casinoPinup casino100% up to €500✪ 96 | 100PlayReview
playamo rating casinoPlayamo100% up to 300$✪ 95 | 100PlayReview

At this stage, there are not so many sites for such players, but among those that exist, there are the most attractive in terms of bet heights and their attitude towards customers. They not only offer a high-quality gambling field, but also bribe with high bonuses. The limits here are practically unlimited, which certainly captivates the most desperate and risky players.

List of high-stakes casino games

Modern video slots in casinos, which pay out more than 97% of the bets placed, provide the player with such an opportunity as a remote plus expectation of a win. Now we will try to highlight as high as possible those video slots that are most suitable for large bets (these are tens of thousands of American dollars), with no less large payout percentages:

  • Live casino. Here, the limit may be limited depending on the game chosen. So, for example, in roulette the limit will be at around 30,000 euros, and in blackjack at 5,000 euros. It is worth noting that the total amount of interest on payments will be significantly lower than elsewhere.
  • Tornado Farm Escape. This is a new game with a pretty good payout percentage (at least 96%). Here the maximum bet can be 200 euros, but the winnings will be equal to 165,000 euros in just one spin.
  • Wish Master. This is already one of the titans in terms of the percentage of payments, because they are about 96.6, which arouses some interest among the players. As for the highest rate, it does not exceed 100 euros. But the winnings can be impressive – 900,000 euros. The slot has high variance and colossal high winnings.
    The maximum bet amount is € 125. In this case, the biggest win reaches 1,215,000 euros and this is for one spin.
  • Jack Hammer. The slot guarantees 97% and offers a maximum bet of € 250. The winning amount varies within 250,000 euros.
  • Zombies video slot. It offers bets of € 200 maximum and winnings up to € 100,000, with a payout percentage of 97.
  • Sim Salabim. Big bet of 250 euros with the possibility of getting 225,000 euros for one successful game. Payments 97.5%.

Each of the above video slots can be used by you in a test (free mode). In this case, the resource will provide a virtual amount of 5,000 euros to simulate the upcoming games. To take advantage of this offer, you need to select a suitable slot and click on it. Note that testing the game is a must.

Casino High Rollers Bonus

To be honest, the bonus system for High Rollers in casinos is a rather dubious pleasure. Of course, such a promotion can become an extremely positive mathematical expectation from the upcoming game, but since players are betting very large amounts in online casinos, they also expect no less large real winnings.

In this case, one cannot but agree that the player will feel much more confident at the moment when he wins a large amount and it will in no way be burdened by previously taken bonuses. Most resources have significant bet limits from 5 to 10 euros, which guarantee that there is no possibility of registering fake accounts to receive bonuses.

high roller in a casino

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